Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Expressions of Sorrow

A lot of these drawings depict crosses and gravesides. It shows our childhood struggle to process Sam-Sam's death, and make sense of what that meant to us. 

Not sure if I drew this one, but I distinctly remember struggling to comprehend the passage of time - as in, "Sam-Sam died the day before the day before yesterday".

Is this showing Christ? Or is it a depiction of Samantha, in the hopes that she would come back to life, like Jesus?

Not sure if I did this one, either, but notice how the skin on the figure's arms and neck is filled in, while the face is not. I recall disliking the texture and pattern of crayon while trying to make solid colors, and I especially did not like it in faces. 

Resurrection scene? Or an early TARDIS?

This is this a child in bed asleep, or is it Sam-Sam inside her coffin?

This one is both signed and dated. March of 1976. We had moved to NY at the time, and this suggests we thought Sam-Sam might come back. In a way, she was just about on the way, as Sue would be born in about 9 months.
Amusing that we thought it would not occur to her to look for us in our rooms! But it shows how much we did not want to miss her visit.

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