Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sandy Drawings

Love the "copyright" info on the back!
Two-scene interior with Dad coming home and surprising Mom.

Beautifully rendered, fashionable Mommy portrait

Very 3-dimensional marker and pen drawing of two kids ice skating. With a green-painted tree, and birds.

Awesome illustrated homework, with a cool essay on what Sandy wanted for her house in 20 years!

Expressions of Sorrow

A lot of these drawings depict crosses and gravesides. It shows our childhood struggle to process Sam-Sam's death, and make sense of what that meant to us. 

Not sure if I drew this one, but I distinctly remember struggling to comprehend the passage of time - as in, "Sam-Sam died the day before the day before yesterday".

Is this showing Christ? Or is it a depiction of Samantha, in the hopes that she would come back to life, like Jesus?

Not sure if I did this one, either, but notice how the skin on the figure's arms and neck is filled in, while the face is not. I recall disliking the texture and pattern of crayon while trying to make solid colors, and I especially did not like it in faces. 

Resurrection scene? Or an early TARDIS?

This is this a child in bed asleep, or is it Sam-Sam inside her coffin?

This one is both signed and dated. March of 1976. We had moved to NY at the time, and this suggests we thought Sam-Sam might come back. In a way, she was just about on the way, as Sue would be born in about 9 months.
Amusing that we thought it would not occur to her to look for us in our rooms! But it shows how much we did not want to miss her visit.

Unattributed Drawings 2

More unmarked drawings. Since many of them show Sam-Sam with a halo or on a cross, they can only be by either Sandy or Nickie.

Looks like Easter!

Possibly a hospital building...

Check out the bike!

Amusing to see that we drew Dad always with his KLIF shirt on. Here he has stubble, not sure why he has a skirt.

Nice use of white crayon. Interesting that only two figures are shown with a skin tone. Sam-Sam is floating, with a halo.

Unattributed set of 4 Drawings

There's no labels attached to these drawings, which are two sheets, taped together at one end. It's a mixture of crayon, pen, and marker. The lines are all rendered very dark, and shows a variety of interesting figures and objects. My guess is "early Sandy". :)

Monkey See, Monkey Do

At this stage, Sandy can obviously draw better than Nickie. Sandy is using the full sheet of paper and filling every area with color. She shows improved control of the crayons, and you can see she has the patience to complete a piece like this.
Sandy: Portrait of a girl (herself?)

Nickie: Portrait of two girls (possibly Nickie and Lara? Although the smaller size of one of the figures indicates it might be Mom and Nickie, or Sandy and Nickie)

Here's Nickie copying her sister's format: large central figures facing forward, a border, the style of the ribbons and bowsand filling all the space with color. I wonder if the use of odd colors for outlines means the crayon I wanted was in use by Sandy...:)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Me and Suzie Really Small"

An early story by Nickie, to Dad for his 34th birthday. Probably influenced by a story/TV show featuring very small people.

Interesting that the plot suddenly has to end, as my 10 year old mind realized there weren't any more pages left!

Welcome to the Lee Kids Artwork Blog!

Sam-Sam: Crayon

Mom wrote our names on most of the art. But since we tended to draw on both sides of any paper we could get our hands on, it's possible that this isn't just one child's art. For example, the outline looks like it could be Sam-Sam's, but the color shows more control.


Many of these pieces were done in the hospital where Sam-Sam was being treated. Pretty evenly spaced for a 3 year old!

Reverse side of "Dots" showing the menu of the week.

Possible study for "Dots"


Sam-Sam: Finger Paint

Sam-Sam: Marker




Happy Birthday, Dad!

I wanted to send Dad some of these home made Birthday Cards, and these are the ones I sent:
from Nickie (Front)

from Nickie (Back)
The date is 1979, I was ten years old.

from Susan, for Dad's 34th birthday, also 1979. She was three years old, and knew how to make some letters.