Monday, November 12, 2012

Father's Day & Valentine's Day - Cards made by Nickie

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A lock of John's baby hair! Is this from his very first cut?

I wonder what he made!

A note to Mom from John, off riding, of course! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letters from Daddy

I had forgotten that Sandy and I had an allowance back in 1975. Dad must have sent the money and enclosed a letter, mostly reminding us to be good, learn how to save, and to remember to pray for Sam-Sam.
Interesting to note: Dad spelled my name "Nicky", and Mom spelled it "Nickie". This explains why I continued to spell my name differently for much of my life! I've been using the "Nickie" spelling since college.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sandy Drawings

Love the "copyright" info on the back!
Two-scene interior with Dad coming home and surprising Mom.

Beautifully rendered, fashionable Mommy portrait

Very 3-dimensional marker and pen drawing of two kids ice skating. With a green-painted tree, and birds.

Awesome illustrated homework, with a cool essay on what Sandy wanted for her house in 20 years!

Expressions of Sorrow

A lot of these drawings depict crosses and gravesides. It shows our childhood struggle to process Sam-Sam's death, and make sense of what that meant to us. 

Not sure if I drew this one, but I distinctly remember struggling to comprehend the passage of time - as in, "Sam-Sam died the day before the day before yesterday".

Is this showing Christ? Or is it a depiction of Samantha, in the hopes that she would come back to life, like Jesus?

Not sure if I did this one, either, but notice how the skin on the figure's arms and neck is filled in, while the face is not. I recall disliking the texture and pattern of crayon while trying to make solid colors, and I especially did not like it in faces. 

Resurrection scene? Or an early TARDIS?

This is this a child in bed asleep, or is it Sam-Sam inside her coffin?

This one is both signed and dated. March of 1976. We had moved to NY at the time, and this suggests we thought Sam-Sam might come back. In a way, she was just about on the way, as Sue would be born in about 9 months.
Amusing that we thought it would not occur to her to look for us in our rooms! But it shows how much we did not want to miss her visit.